Food Ministry Volunteers Needed


During this COVID pandemic, our Food Ministry “Drive Thru Pantry” has seen a tremendous increase of folks needing food due to economic hardship.  Our pantry has grown from seeing 25-50 vehicles every two weeks to over 500 vehicles and 900 families coming through our distribution line.  We have been able to meet these needs in large part due to our youth volunteers.  Sadly, we will be losing our youth volunteers with the start of school on August 17, 2020.  Our youth will still be able to help on Saturdays during our Drive Thru Pantry day, BUT there is a lot of work during the week where we will need help.

During the weeks between pantry distribution days we have volunteers shopping, picking up products, driving trucks to Lakeland and the Food Bank, picking up donated foods from businesses all over the county, and meeting at the church to unload product and packing bags at the church.  We need some able body volunteers that can lift 5-20 pounds, go to stores and shop for large quantities of food, drive a truck to businesses and pick up product and many other opportunities that pop up during the week.

This ministry has, and continues to, bless many lives and is a tangible expression of the love of the Christ we are called to embody, but we need help.  The more volunteers available the better we can share the load and serve our community.  If you are able to help our with some of the volunteer needs please contact Jim Racky at